Venue Reviews

"Matt has a warm stage presence and can easily adjust his show to the crowd in front of him. His choice of songs is appealing to any generation and he is mindful of his volume level. His show fits in well with our vibe at Geiger Key!" - Leslie, Manager, Geiger Key Marina

"Matt Gardi is an incredible talent. Not only did he promote our beautiful venue and menu, he was always unbelievably engaging throughout his entire show. We were fortunate to have an opportunity to book him at Viva Saloon!" - Donna Phillips, Former Co-Owner, Viva Saloon, Duval St. Key West, FL

"As an owner of a venue that thrives on live music, I wish we had more entertainers as versatile, dependable, and professional as Matt Gardi. His stage presence and sense of humor is essential, especially in a tourist town like Key West, in keeping customers entertained and happy. His reliability is paramount, and he has even filled in on short notice for absent performers on many occasions. Matt Gardi is a guy you want on your stage." - Daren Cassani, Former Co-Owner, Viva Saloon, Duval St. Key West, FL

"Matt is a professional entertainer. He melds in perfectly with the unique atmosphere of our cozy brewery. We always love the fact he talks up our beers and our staff, and can play to just about any crowd. His voice is warm, and he is very engaging. The fact he doesn't take a break is nice as well!" - Clayton Mathis, Brewmaster, Oyster City Brewing Company (OCBC), Apalachicola, FL