Below are questions voters have asked me, along with my responses.  Please feel free to ask me a question by filling out the ASK MATT form here.  You can provide your name, or remain anonymous if you so choose.  Also included below are some short videos from forums or events where attendees may have posed a question.  If possible I have also included the responses of my opponents. 

Question: What will you do to improve transparency?

Answer: It always seems we are reacting to a crisis or scandal versus preventing one.  I will work to provide to the public online, the line item budget of every County agency, along with inventory reports, contracts, and purchases.  Every taxpayer should know how their money is being spent right down to the monthly electric bill at every office.  Thousands of eyes easily reviewing this information will hold administrators accountable while giving the public the opportunity to provide knowledgeable input. This can be done easily, and will be if I am your County Clerk.

Question from Forum: (In regards to Gardi's assessment that banks have evaded between $500,000 to $2,000,000 in filing fees) What is the timeframe of your estimation on the lost filing fees?

Question: The Clerk's Office on occasion has closed for an assortment of reasons, whether it be Festival related, or Holiday related.  This at times has created hardships for those of us that expect to use the Clerk's services during their normal posted hours.  How will you address this as County Clerk?

Answer: One of the primary attitudes I will convey to my staff as your Clerk is customer service, and responsiveness to the public and the taxpayer.  While there are rare instances when an office may need to close during normal business hours, IE hurricanes, I will always strive to keep at least a skeleton crew available to serve the public.  Beyond that, while I feel for the most part current Clerk staff is polite and responsive to the public, I will create a way to report customer service issues electronically and anonymously.  Then I will have valid complaints and suggestions posted on our website along with what the office has done to address or respond to the issue.  This will be an ongoing way for the public to judge our responsiveness to the public.

Question from Forum: (Asked by Doug Walker, candidate for US House) What can a US Congressman do to help you in your job?