Consolidation and Inter-Agency Cooperation
A few years ago, I proactively tried to start an organization that would work together to consolidate IT systems among justice related agencies, seeking input from administrators to end-users. We enjoyed some limited success.  At the State Attorney's Office we have been doing great things with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Key West Police Department and the County to integrate and create better workflow processes.  Tangible cost saving and improvements have been accomplished.  It would be great to bring the Clerk's Office into this realm.  For instance, if we integrated our Case and Document Management systems for law enforcement, the Courts, the State Attorney, and Public Defender....imagine the savings in labor costs alone.  We have staff at all our agencies re-keying the very same info with every arrest!  That is just one example of where the Clerk's Office could be vital in consolidating, improving services and saving tax dollars.  I understand these issues, and methods to address them.

We also have agency Administrators making important decisions regarding IT that adversely effect so many aspects of County government, we need the perspective of someone at the top to guide large initiatives in a technical world. Too often we have agency heads making IT related decisions that result in waste or inefficiencies, my insight will be vital throughout the County on such initiatives.