E-Filing and State Directives
The Clerk's Office needs to aggressively pursue electronic filing.  As the smallest (single county) circuit we should be leading the way.  Electronic filing already exists in much larger circuits, and would save the State Attorney, Public Defender, Private Defense, Pro Se and civil litigants an incredible amount in time and money.  As someone with an extensive IT background, having worked for both the State Attorney and the Public Defender, I feel I could be very instrumental in accomplishing this objective. Saying you are accomplishing it, and accomplishing it are two different things, and my IT experience will factor greatly in actually accomplishing it.  

I have already been involved Statewide in conferences with both IT Directors, and as well with Executive Directors of the State Attorneys Offices in discussing the status and agenda for deploying electronic filing.  I am very aware of the State requirements, along with the efforts of the Courts and Clerks Statewide to address the issue.