What People are Saying About Matt Gardi

“Matt has what it takes to be Clerk-- he’s fiscally responsible with attention to detail and a ‘can do’ attitude.”


- Nancy Criswell, Executive Director, Office of the State Attorney

“I can not think of a better person than Matt Gardi to follow in the footsteps of Danny Kolhage as Monroe County Clerk of the Courts. Matt's vision and expertise rises above other candidates, but more importantly his honesty, experience and  ethics will make him an outstanding public servant for the taxpayers of Monroe County. I for one will be honored to vote for Matt Gardi on election day.” 

- Dan Dombroski, Big Pine Key

“I've worked with Matt for over 5 years and I think he is the right guy for the position.” 

- Karen Merriam, Plantation Key

“Matt Gardi is a proven leader and problem-solver.  His ability and willingness to address issues in the field of information technology is unparalleled.  Significant changes are on the horizon with regard to the storage and dissemination of information for which the Clerk of Court is responsible.  Matt Gardi has the knowledge and the initiative to implement many positive changes.  For these and many other reasons, Matt Gardi has my support for Clerk of Court.”

- Don Barrett, Former Chief Assistant State Attorney

"I have sold a business to Matt, and had subsequent business agreements with him, and if there is one word that comes to mind it is integrity.  He upholds his end of the bargain, is fair and reasonable to deal with, dedicated to customer service, and I would have him grace my dinner table with intelligent discourse any night of the week.  We need him as our next Clerk."

- Karole Rispoli, Key West

"I have worked with Matt Gardi both as a public servant and as a local business owner.  Mr. Gardi has always impressed me as someone with an eye on the bottom line and dedication to serving the public.  His experience in legal related technology, combined with his work ethic, and expectations of efficient government will serve us well as our Clerk of Courts."

- Maggie Gutierrez, Private Attorney, Former Assistant Public Defender, www.mykeywestlawyer.com

"During the eight years that I have known and worked with him, Matt Gardi has always been on the taxpayers' side.  He is committed to making government work better and more efficiently.  I believe he will apply these principles as Clerk of the Court to continue to provide the citizens of Monroe County a first-rate Clerk's office while always looking for ways to improve."

- Demetrios Efstratiou, Former Assistant State Attorney

"Now more than ever the public needs transparency in County government, I know Matt Gardi will work tirelessly towards that end." 

- Rhonda Saunders, Former Associate Editor, Key West the Newspaper

“Matt Gardi has the ideas, creativity, technical expertise, and fiscal eye for turning our Clerk’s Office into a model of efficiency and expediency for our County and the State of Florida.” 

- Wendy Probst, Marathon