Track Record

Candidates can discuss their experience, candidates can point to a diploma on a wall, and candidates can talk about what they WANT to accomplish.  But what have they accomplished during their career as a public servant?  

Here's what I have done.
Both as a taxpayer, and a public servant I have talked the talk, and walked the walk.  Not only am I someone who has supported themselves in private enterprise, but as someone who has also been employed by the public sector I expect government to be run like a private business, and below is a list of a few examples of how I have brought that expectation to life while employed by the taxpayer.

I implemented electronic discovery at the Office of the State Attorney.
This has saved countless man hours in the Office of the State Attorney, reduced the consumption of resources, and has saved the Public Defender and private Defense attorneys time and money as well.  It also has decreased the time frame for discovery to be delivered, and allowed for tracking of what was delivered, when, and to whom, increasing the efficiency of the judicial process as a whole for all parties involved.

I deployed a document management system at the Office of the State Attorney that has help us move to a more paperless environment.
This has and will reduce the consumption of natural resources, save money, allow for attorneys to make faster filing decisions, reduce the need to show up in court with boxes of files, allow for immediate access to files by multiple parties, and ends the search for whose desk a paper file is on. 

I organized the Monroe County Justice IT Committee with the intent of consolidating IT services across justice related agencies.
While met with much resistance by certain agencies, this effort which was designed to seek the input of various end users, IT staff, and Administrators has resulted in collaborative efforts between the State Attorney's Office, the Sheriff's Office, Key West Police Department, and the County.

While employed at the Public Defender I audited AT&T and earned a $6,000 credit to Monroe County for over charges.
While not a huge sum of money, it is indicative of my concern for the taxpayers.  As the only IT staff at the Public Defender's Office, I identified a disconnect between IT services, and the invoice and payment work flow process.  This prompted me to audit AT&T for past and present charges for services resulting in a refund of $6,000 and continued cost savings moving forward.  This issue was not identified by County finance staff, nor Public Defender administrative staff, but by the IT guy, who on his own volition conducted the audit.

At the State Attorney's Office I have worked to consolidate circuits, and worked with other Sheriff's Office and County Staff to develop alternative forms of connectivity. 
This ultimately has led to other ways to work together and as of the end of March 2012 amounted to a total cost savings of $52,000 on an annual basis for the State Attorney's Office and ultimately for Monroe County.   (Savings as compared to costs when I came on board at the SAO in 2009) 

I have worked with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office to bring in-car videos to the desktops of State Attorney Staff.
This has put in car videos at the fingertips of our Prosecutors allowing for faster filing decisions and increasing the speed of criminal prosecution in general. It has also reduced the consumption of resources, saved money, and saved man hours for staff at the SAO and MCSO.

Along with Senior Systems Analyst Donna Phillips, and Chief Assistant State Attorney Manny Madruga, we have worked with MCSO admin and staff to implement a system for electronic subpoena delivery to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.
This has allowed for staff to become informed faster of potential scheduling conflicts, and will allow for better development of cases for prosecution.  We hope to implement a similar system with other area law enforcement agencies.

I have assisted Key West Police Department in procuring the same document management system as the State Attorney's Office that will ultimately result in better data consolidation.