The role of the Clerk of Courts carries with it a duty to provide convenient, and open access to Government, and all that goes along with it.

In my mind there is no greater responsibility than to open the doors of County Government, and create a new era of transparency, where Government leaders desire to have the public see their activities.  Under my leadership, all County agencies will be on notice that it is my objective to eliminate any and all obstacles towards public access to their government records.  Further, I will call attention to those Agency Administrators that may be resistant to such changes.  

It always seems we are reacting to a crisis or scandal versus preventing one.  I will work to provide to the public online, the line item budget of every County agency, along with inventory reports, contracts, and purchases.  Every taxpayer should know how their money is being spent right down to the monthly electric bill at every office.  Thousands of eyes easily reviewing this information will hold administrators accountable while giving the public the opportunity to provide knowledgeable input. This can be done easily, and my background in Technology will be instrumental in making it a reality.